I was at a friends studio today and decided to take a quick shot of my original "Dog with Gasmask" print which he owns. It's around 48 x 60 and is made up of 60 8x10 b&w prints which were toned and bleached in the darkroom. Then I glued them to a piece of plywood with elmers glue, (which is why it is wrinkled) and scotch tape. I used base molding as the frame and screwed it to the plywood so the the screws showed. All part of the rough and distressed look. It weighs a lot needless to say. Here is a post that I made awhile back with a digital version of the same image and the story behind it. I much prefer the original. http://www.regnierstudio.com/new-blog/2016/2/22/a-view-to-the-future


Kansas City is in for a new culinary treat on the Plaza!!!   HOGSHEAD KANSAS CITY

I was recently commissioned to do a large 60" x 60" collaged image of a wharthog for the new Hogshead Kansas City restaurant on the Plaza! He was given the name - "Hampton". Here is a link to their site, www.hogsheadkc.com. The restaurant will be open for business this Wednesday. Be sure to check out their menu!

Hampton hanging in the private dinning room.

Hampton in the private dinning room.

I finished the piece early, so I got to enjoy it in our living room. I'm already missing Hampton!

On the easel for final touches of paint and texture

Ready to wax.

Gluing down the prints. The only use my weights seem to get these days!


A couple of weeks ago, while working around the backyard wondering what I would be working on next, I got a great phone call from the President of Multivac USA. With more than 80 subsidiaries, MULTIVAC is represented on all continents. The USA subsidiary, here in Kansas City,  had just remodeled their building and they were having a grand opening with the visiting executives from the parent company in Germany. The President of the company was familiar with my work and picked 7 images showcasing Kansas City. The prints are mounted on wood and coated with encaustic wax. They looked great in the new space!

 An attempt at an iPhone pano shot. A bit jerky, but you get the picture!


This is the beginning of a new series of images called "Drive By". 

Recently, I went on a photo trip with my friend David Fox in Arizona. We spent 3 days driving around the southern part of Arizona. I got to be the passenger for a change, so I was able to really concentrate on shooting out the window. We had specific destinations on the trip, and we also stopped many times along the road,  but there was a lot of time spent driving from place to place. So I took advantage of being the passenger and shot close to 2500 shots from a moving car! I look at this kind of shooting as if they are sketches to be expanded upon.

This image came from layering two shots and flipping a third shot. My intention is to convey the experience we have all had looking out the window of a speeding car as the scenery becomes a blur wondering what we are missing as we drive by. It has always made me crazy not to be able to stop every time I see something that catches my eye, so for me, this type of photography is the next best thing. 


You might remember me talking about my working method, "Jen Tak" Czech for it just happens. Well, the above image is a perfect example. Last night I started working on this image. Below.

I had worked on this image before and I thought I'd finish it up. I started looking for another image to layer with this one and I decided to use another image that I had already completed. Below

I layered the above two images together and made it a square image. I spent a couple of hours trying to refine it, and I ended up with this version. Below

I was quite happy with this image, so I saved the image and then started doing closeup crops of the image which I thought were really nice. I saved them to Lightroom and as I went to have a look at them, I saw this on my Lightroom screen. Below

The two vertical crops looked interesting together even though they are reversed. So I opened them both up and put them together, reversed, and that ended up being my favorite. At least for now.


My images seem to be getting lighter and lighter. I've always been told that my work was a little on the dark side! So with this new work, I'm heading the opposite direction, at least most of the time. The approach that I take with my photography is "Jen Tak" Czech for  "it just happens."  Photograph everything that interests you whether the lighting is right or not. Use the camera as a sketchbook and then turn these sketches into something that moves you.

Check out my "Jen Tak" workshop. http://www.regnierstudio.com/new-page-2/


My latest "Southern Image" came to being from 4 separate images. I love starting on an image when I have no idea how it will end up. I work it until it feels right. This image I plan on printing 36"x36" with encaustic wax as a coating. The great thing about these ICM image creations is that sometimes you can discover several images within the image. I'm sure I will print these images as well.

Crop #1

Crop #2

Crop #3