City Blue

Last spring,  Andrea and I started working together on our largest and most interesting project. A 9ft x 66ft entry wall mural printed on glass for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Kansas City. It was an abstract view of the city skyline complete with large pixels and lots of mojo. We worked on it for several months and it went thru multiple revisions. The most challenging aspect was to visualize such a long wall on a 30inch monitor. Not to mention working on a 50 gig file! I watched a lot of movies while waiting for the changes to save. It was quite exciting the day that we saw the first sections of glass going up. The project was a big success!! We also did 5 smaller murals, 8ft x 16ft printed as wall coverings featuring Kansas City landmarks. Here are several views of the work. Also, if you are driving down Main street at night, just across the road from Union Station is the Blue Cross Blue Shield building, you can't miss the glow of "City Blue".

The next view is one of the "Wayfinding" floor graphics.