Smoking Lady

I've been looking thru my archive for photos of John and I, with no luck, but I did run across some old work which reminded me of a time when photography meant being on your feet, standing in a darkroom, and working with your hands. Now it seems I spend half my time sitting on my butt looking at my monitor. I MUST CHANGE THAT!

I shot this photo sometime in the 70's while on a trip in Spain. This is a B&W photo which has been painted on with oil paint and dried up black house paint, which gave it a nice texture. I taped the photo paper on to the darkroom rolling wall that I made and exposed the print. Then as I took them down, I numbered the backs so that I could put it all back together. The prints where glued to a piece of plywood and scotch tape was added on the surface. It is approximately 6ft x 9ft.