So today, my print head on my Epson printer seemed to die on the yellow ink. It is completely clogged and so now all my prints are missing the yellow. By the time Epson sends someone from out of town to fix it, it could be close to $2500!! Just because the yellow ink got clogged. So, thinking about my options, I came up with the idea of just printing in B&W and then adding color thru oil's or by using colors in my encaustic wax to embellish the image. A few posts back, I was complaining about sitting on my butt at the computer too much and how I missed working on the prints with my hands. Well this may be the solution to my printer situation. 

I had a new image that I was trying to print and of course it looked totally different now. Andrea was in the other room working with rollers and translucent printer inks. We couldn't resist trying the rollers on the print. So who know what this will lead to, maybe the printer problem will push me (or us) in a new direction. Just trying to make the best of a bad situation.