So we delivered a months worth of work to the framer.  Eight pieces total, the largest being 9 ft long. Surprisingly, I managed to find a way of working on them all in my small studio. I miss the days when I had the 7000 sq ft. studio downtown, but then again, since I was working on them most nights till 1:00 to 2:00 am, it was nice not to have to drive home. So down sizing is good!

The project was for a new Jack Stack restaurant opening in Lee's Summit MO. in a couple of weeks. I was working with photos from the Historical Society of Lee's Summit and some old  Jack Stack family photos. The work was a collage of smaller color prints on top of the same monochromatic print. If you read my post a while back, "Making Something Good Out Of Something Bad", you will know why. Any way, it was a great project and I really enjoyed this new/old way of working.

I'll post more installation shots in the days to come.

Studio panoramic

Detail #1

Detail #2

Detail #3

Detail #4

Detail #5