I came across this old image while organizing files, which puts me in a depressive mood, so I thought I'd share it today. It's Monday!
This was shot sometime in the 90's,  back in the day when I was still shooting film. This was an actual job that John Muller and I did for Strathmore Paper Co.  At that time, I was into building sets with styrofoam, so we built this set out of 12" thick styrofoam sheets. Carved it up and painted it with a distressed look. We hired a dog trainer to find us a dalmatian with a laid back attitude and John found this old Russian gas mask. Needless to say, the dog would have nothing to do with the gas mask. Even with food inside, he would only stick his head part way in. So plan B was to photograph the dog and then have a friend put the mask on and kneel in the same spot and then in the darkroom, blend the two shots together. Pretty hard to do back then. Photography sure has changed! I guess it's all for the better, but I miss the mess of building sets and being in the darkroom, and of course working with John.