What to do when it feels like you are repeating yourself so often? For me, I go out and shoot random ICM photos (intentional camera movement) and then back in the studio, I will start layering various images to see what I can create. I make a goal to not stop until I've created something that I am happy with. The image above is a good example of this technique.

1. I started with this image because of it's simplicity. 

I think I was even driving in the car when I shot this. A lot of out of focus quality along with a bit of motion.

2. The next layer is with vertical motion of some trees.  Nothing special on it's own, but will create a nice texture and movement.

3. The next image was chosen for texture.

4. The final image was chosen for the contour of the hills and the spiky trees.

5. And incase you are interested, here are screenshots of the layers and how they were set.

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Mojo + Jen Tak