About Me..

My photography has evolved over the years, guided by a desire to interpret the world around me with the freedom that other interpretive mediums offer. I want to go beyond the reality of the image in the camera.

I begin by recording the scene with a high resolution digital camera. Then back in the studio, the real interpretation of the images begin. The images are spontaneous. I apply and re-apply layers of textures and colors until it feels right. In my work, I use contemporary tools and methods to capture hints of the Pictorialist work of the past. I try to convey the character of both the realistic and the abstract by means of light and shade, color and texture all working together. I see images through contemporary eyes. But I’m also interested in the romanticism of their past.

I'd be happy to talk with you more about my work and or the services and products that we offer. Please contact me with your questions.


phone: 913.735.5599
mobile: 913.208.9395
email: michael@regnierstudio.com