Back in the 70"s, while hitchhiking with my girlfriend around Europe, we were picked up by 3  guys from Spain who were on vacation for 3 weeks and they decided to take us with them! Turned out to be the ride of a life time! We spent a lot of time in bars and restaurants, listening to flamenco music
( where I first heard the music of Paco De Lucia), and eating great food as well as seeing beautiful Spain. When the ride was over, they took us home to meet the family of one of the guys and this wonderful lady was talking up a storm of which I understood nothing, but I did get a great photo of her.

The first version I did of this image was a
9ft x 6ft print made up of 50 or so small prints tapped together on a piece of plywood with added old house paint and oil pastels and lots of glue and scotch tape.

For this latest portrait of the smoking lady, I combined her photo with one of my other favorite images of Europe, not sure why, but it just came to me one night. One of the advantages of the digital world. I must admit that I do sometimes miss the darkroom and the good ole film days!
Only for a little bit though.

360 view of a street in France.