A new version of an old image. Years ago, I was given an assignment to illustrate an article about manic depression, and I came up with the idea of doing polaroid transfers onto a foam board. I had a Hungarian friend who had spent time in a communist detainment camp, and I knew he would be able to come up with all the expressions I needed just by thinking of his own life experience. The only problem was that he was a well know portrait painter who had painted Kings, Queens and other famous people, and he didn't want to be recognized. I told him not to worry that it was just for a local magazine and wouldn't be seen by many people, so we put a fake mustache and a beret on him and he ended up looking a little like Salvador Dali, but at least he wasn't so recognizable. A year later, I was in Europe browsing thru the art section in a bookstore, and I came across my image in a design annual. You just never know!!!

The original was in color, and now I have this version in B&W.