You might remember me talking about my working method, "Jen Tak" Czech for it just happens. Well, the above image is a perfect example. Last night I started working on this image. Below.

I had worked on this image before and I thought I'd finish it up. I started looking for another image to layer with this one and I decided to use another image that I had already completed. Below

I layered the above two images together and made it a square image. I spent a couple of hours trying to refine it, and I ended up with this version. Below

I was quite happy with this image, so I saved the image and then started doing closeup crops of the image which I thought were really nice. I saved them to Lightroom and as I went to have a look at them, I saw this on my Lightroom screen. Below

The two vertical crops looked interesting together even though they are reversed. So I opened them both up and put them together, reversed, and that ended up being my favorite. At least for now.