This is the beginning of a new series of images called "Drive By". 

Recently, I went on a photo trip with my friend David Fox in Arizona. We spent 3 days driving around the southern part of Arizona. I got to be the passenger for a change, so I was able to really concentrate on shooting out the window. We had specific destinations on the trip, and we also stopped many times along the road,  but there was a lot of time spent driving from place to place. So I took advantage of being the passenger and shot close to 2500 shots from a moving car! I look at this kind of shooting as if they are sketches to be expanded upon.

This image came from layering two shots and flipping a third shot. My intention is to convey the experience we have all had looking out the window of a speeding car as the scenery becomes a blur wondering what we are missing as we drive by. It has always made me crazy not to be able to stop every time I see something that catches my eye, so for me, this type of photography is the next best thing.