I was at a friends studio today and decided to take a quick shot of my original "Dog with Gasmask" print which he owns. It's around 48 x 60 and is made up of 60 8x10 b&w prints which were toned and bleached in the darkroom. Then I glued them to a piece of plywood with elmers glue, (which is why it is wrinkled) and scotch tape. I used base molding as the frame and screwed it to the plywood so the the screws showed. All part of the rough and distressed look. It weighs a lot needless to say. Here is a post that I made awhile back with a digital version of the same image and the story behind it. I much prefer the original. http://www.regnierstudio.com/new-blog/2016/2/22/a-view-to-the-future