Following the 80/20 principal I mentioned earlier, we will focus on the most important 20% that will help you make the biggest improvement in your photography. Most important is how you see and what photographic techniques you can use to make what seems to be the ordinary into something special. Learning the core principals such as  working with your camera and making the right lens choices, including specialty lenses such as tilt/shift lenses, will be among the things covered, as well as the basics of aperture, shutter speeds and focus. The goal is to move beyond the technical aspects of photography and focus on being creative, but you must understand the basics first.

Before the workshop begins, we will have a discussion of exactly what it is that you enjoy photographing as well as what you are passionate about. This will help me tailor the workshop to to your needs.

Also, I want to make clear what this workshop is not.

1.  I will not be covering what all the functions of a particular camera can do. I don't even understand all that my camera's are capable of doing. And just about the time you've mastered that camera, a new one comes out with an all new menu of choices.

2. Probably not a lot of technical talk about different sensor choices or image quality, other than the basics.

We offer private lessons (preferred), at $50/hr .  Private lessons can be set up to accommodate your schedule whether it is 1-2 hrs weekly, or a full day workshop. Group workshops of 2 to 4 people can also be arranged. Group workshops are usually 1 or 2 days from 10am - 5pm at $200 per person per day.