We create photographic portraits of people and places around the world. Although the end result is difficult to describe in words - you have to see it to believe it - we’re often told by clients.  Our signature style is to integrate layers of imagery along with texture to enhance a photograph for a very special portrait.

Another service we provide is that we make it easy for families to “get together”.  If you’re all in one place, we will work with you and photograph your family at your home.  However, if your family is all over the country, we can photograph individually and then creatively combine the separate images into one large portrait. The final piece will reflect a unified family portrait that is totally transparent to the fact that individual shots were taken at different times and locations.

All our portraits are printed on archival watercolor paper, canvas, and or mixed media with paper on wood coated with wax. We only use the highest quality inks and finishes when it comes to art production. To talk more with us more about creating a lasting photographic memory, please contact our studio.

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